Remove Follow Button



  • Globby

    Such an annoying thing, I can't believe they made it intentionally. Please, remove those ugly buttons that take space and bring our attention to them. At the very minimum, please give us some means to hide them, since I have no intention to ever click on them at all.

  • inverse_of_zero

    Yes, please, just limit it to the small "Follow" button in the green box. At the very least, only show the massive banner the first time, and have a little cross 'x' which removes it (just like all the other first-time tips in Discord). Thanks!

  • Mav

    please get rid of this annoying shit


  • maru

    Same problem is also on android version, where it takes minimum of 20% of screen in landscape mode.

    Is there any professional UI designer working on it ???

    If I click on the "Follow" button It says that I do not have any server, so why the button is there, when I can not use it? This is a terrible user experience.

    UX designers wake up! Time for meeting about this issue with the person responsible for UI.

  • dnm

    If you press the follow button you get an error message detailing that they already know you can't follow. Why present it if you can't use it???    

    Fairly annoying.

  • rachiebird

    I agree. I fully support the follow feature, and am sure that it has its uses. 

    But I currently do not have any use for it, so it just comes off as a banner advertisement that I can't close out of. 

    I think it would be an improvement if the banner ad was a one-off thing you could x out of. 

  • Lepidolite Mica

    Adding my support to this; the follow feature is nice to have but the persistent notification is nothing more than UI clutter.


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