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  • MaidenWithEyesofBlue

    pls help...

  • Natash

    The way to solve this problem is reinstalling discord, but after deleting some "hidden" discord files. And this file location, is not deleted and permanently attach itself to repeating the same mistake since it doesn't get removed when uninstalling.



    DELETE discord completely


    Delete the following pathway to a folder location:
    C:\Users\Usdername\AppData\Roaming\Discord  (DELETE ALL OF IT.)
    C:\Users\Usdername\AppData\Local\Discord (DELETE ALL OF IT.)
    if it doesn't allow you to delete it make sure discord is off and perhaps restart to make sure it's completely deleted.


    Reinstall Discord and try it!
    there is a chance it only works in dm calls, sometime it works in discord servers.

    i'm sad the staff didn't catch up to this problem.
    Let me know if it works and sorry for the late explanation.
    Love you all :3

  • Sakuraria

    For mine, what I did is to make sure that I have an earphone or earbuds. Then on the 'Voice and Video' section on the settings, for my output, it would be the computer's speakers. So that it wouldn't clash with the sound coming out of my earbuds. Thus, I can still hear the sounds coming from my browsers.

  • mims

    This problem is still happening for me, it's so annoying ):

  • Badnewsgiant

    Hardware Acceleration.

    If you're using Google Chrome and you capture it and you arent getting video, or audio, or both gotta go into Chrome and turn off hardware Acceleration. So hit the little drop down and go to settings, then type hardware in the search bar and it will come up.

    Close Google Chrome open a fresh window and it should work. Its like night and day for me.

  • ssssm

    ayo my friends cant hear shit bro plz fix rn


  • Natash

    instructions on how to fix your screenshare sound problems: 


    DELETE discord completely first.


    Delete the following pathway to the folder location:
    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Discord (delete this discord folder)
    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Discord (delete this discord folder)

    If you can't find this pathway try revealing "hidden files" at your username folder location.

    If your PC doesn't allow you to delete it make sure discord is off and restart before/after deleting them to make sure it's completely gone and refreshed.


    After restarting, reinstall Discord and try if it works.

    IF THIS DID NOT WORK, check 2 things: 

    1. Check if your Windows is up-to-date, ALSO check if your Sound drivers are up-to-date.

    2. go to discord settings and check which sound output there is (doesn't hurt to mess around in there). also check if the screenshare volume is maxed (a seperate volume bar from your own voice).

    this should fix any known issues.

    PS. yeah Netflix doesn't work!! it does NOT, this is done deliberately!!!


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