stop snooping at my IP




  • Celeron
    If you would like your account deleted, you can do so from your Account Settings. Any website you visit has access to your IP, and this is a security feature, not a stalking technique.
  • Alkaris

    Welcome to the Internet where every site you go to logs your IP and location, get use to it.

  • Kai

    Your IP address is like your Internet phone number, but for your computer. Every server you contact (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube) has access to your IP. It's not an arbitrarily bad thing. Comparatively, it's the equivalent to ringing up a companies toll-free support hotline; the company in question now has access to your phone number. Should you worry about this? More often than not, no.

    However, people can do nasty things with your IP, like perform DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on your router, effectively chewing up your bandwidth and bringing your connection to a crawl. Again, compare this to unwanted telemarketers constantly calling your number.

    Overall, you should be safe while using Discord. The service only uses your IP to protect your account in the long run (Denying new, unauthorized computers from accessing it. You wouldn't want a stranger calling up your bank pretending to be you!). The service itself promises to NEVER leak your IP to other people, so that's a bonus.


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