The ability to turn off or lower quality settings for watching streams



  • Jim Knight

    I contacted Discord today (May 12, 2021) and they still cannot do this with the app. I’m not sure how difficult it is. Just allow us to adjust the picture quality like YouTube or Twitch.

    Lowering the picture quality on our end could mean a better connection to hear your friends. I have that issue myself. My internet varies day to day and sometimes I can’t run 1080p.

    Please keep upvoting this so Discord can finally make a fix.

  • Jackie

    This 1000x. I have a slow unreliable connection that tends to spikes up and down in bandwidth. I would much rather force the stream to a lower quality than it trying to a higher one for the two seconds my bandwidth spikes, then freeze for a couple seconds while it switches to a lower than necessary quality to compensate for the bandwidth dip 

  • Delraith

    I too have sh*tternet and sometimes Discord forcing the highest resolution streams makes stuff unwatchable. Please allow us to choose a different resolution similar to YT or Twitch when we are watching streams.


  • MeLlamanHokage
    could be big
  • Sunny_Lemonade 🍋

    bump this because my laptop is crap and watching a stream almost made discord crash

  • JefFunk

    I would watch streams more in discord if this were possible. My bandwidth cap forces me to watch streams elsewhere

  • AirAKose

    Also when their own servers struggle to maintain a connection in one-on-one video calls, it would be great to be able to lower quality. Esp when I only ever have the video at like a 360p actual size

  • KnightAesh

    Yes this would be so good. I have good connection, but my laptop is not so good. If i could lower the quality then I would hear people so much better.

  • Hayalperest (Raog)
    yes please
  • Papa Vesemir


  • Fufec

    That would be great!

  • Gizler

    yes please, i think it wouldnt be hard for discord to make this happen


  • Karasu

    Why this isn't a thing yet ... 

  • EroticHulk

    Please input this option. Due to my hardware limitations the quality of the streams are very spikey with constant lags

  • Cranky1911

    Yes please. Lowering the image quality / adjusting resolution client side would be beneficial for every discord user. I do Urge Discord to take this wish of your clients seriously... Please. Well Karasu it is a thing though, youtube's been doing it for years. 

  • NotAUser

    Wow.... after all that time we still haven't got this important and necessary feature (extremely needed for a platform that is focusing on game chatting and g screen sharing), instead we gets useless stuffs like stickers - a worse version of just posting the actual gif

  • sabrabotix

    I'm really disappointed this hasn't been added yet. My internet is awful, so it's impossible for me to watch any streams, not mentioning that everyone's voices lag worse. Please add it already, it's really disheartening not being able to participate in anything.


    (Also I agree, stickers are an awful feature. Stick to the important stuff first, guys)

  • Wollip

    I only have access to a 2-3Mbps internet connection atm. I am desperate for a way to turn down the quality of my friends' streams manually! I need a 240p or 360p desperately. It saves bandwidth for Discord and makes watching videos bearable for me.

    Every other platform has a way to do this. Discord should cool it with the superficial make-believe social network features and improve the actual client. Quality of life is important to every user, while what they seem to focus on now is only important to some.

  • BeNeko (BeUsagi)

    This was too good after My friend get nitro I can't watch live due to High CPU Usage. I think this was only way to fix this. High resolution eat up CPU too much.

  • 󠂪󠂪

    This. This so much. Please!

  • Eiggy


  • nope ?

    This shouldn't even be a suggestion, so obvious this is a must for any quality program.

  • ~Sapphire~

    this plz, i understand restricting source resolution to nitro holders, but its another thing not letting people reduce stream quality on their end.

  • Elly

    this feature should've been added a long time ago. please make it happen already instead of adding useless stuff :(

  • TheGates

    Its just stupid it is not already the case!

  • Raystt

    my shitty internet is suffering, come on discord, how tf you haven't add this yet

  • Moo

    Bump ^

  • Toastie ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Pretty pathetic how much effort they put into making gimmicks so people will pay for their "premium" service but they still haven't gotten around to this after two years.

  • jp13ms

    I think it would be awesome for low spec pcs gamers and for people who have instable internet. Pleaseee add this feature!

  • AlanSpiky

    I thought this option was added, it works well for me for the past months until I found out it disappeared. Every 5 seconds or so the stream lags for 3 seconds, I'm missing out on my friend's stream so much. Please fix it.


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