Add "insane" lurker mode to see all chat messages without clicking around all the time



  • living

    Just click on the new channel?

  • joseph

    You honestly have to be the laziest person on Earth if you unironically want this feature. Is it seriously too difficult for you to just click on the channel? Grow up.

  • zup

    Well, the first suggestion was just a joke. But it would actually be neat with a "see all unread messages" option/channel. Think about if you have servers with 50 channels in it and many of them have new messages. I, for example, am in 40 different Discord servers and many of them have over 30 channels/chats each. It does take a lot of time just to go through some of them

  • joseph

    Already exists. If you right click a server icon, a menu will come up and there is an option that says "Mark as read"

    On mobile, instead of right clicking, open the server and click on the three dots on the top right side of the sidebar. A menu will come up with the "Mark as read" option.

  • Van EN.KI

    He said he would like to go through all the unread messages, not mark them as read. This isn't lazy (you people are literally at a computer typing these things), It's efficient. I especially like the "Insane lurker" setting to throw all new messages in one channel. 

    Ignore the rude people, these are good ideas. They act like Discord can't just make half of the recommendations on this feedback site into a toggleable setting so everyone is happy.



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