discord nitro students



  • aykrivwassup

    I don’t see why this is being downvoted. A Student Discount for Nitro would be a wonderful idea.

  • slxr
    definitely think this would be a cool thing to add. theres a lot of us college gamers.
  • aykrivwassup

    @slxr Thank you! If you like the idea do you mind upvoting it? That'll help Discord see it!

  • Suspense
    I don't see why students should have discount tbh if you can't pay nitro, just don't buy it
  • aykrivwassup

    @Suspense by that logic there shouldn't be student discounts for anything. Spotify, Apple Music, whatever. And yet so many services have them. So why not Discord?

  • darkdaytime

    I think this would be a great idea!

  • CarsonOfficial

    good idea!

  • Hero🍒

    and here i'm still waiting for the discount

  • Ѧͷτιɧєяο ㄨ

    Hey @Discord_supports, please let there be a discount for students (similar to Spotify, Youtube Premium etc) whereby a method of verification is required to know the ingenuity of the student (either by documents, or ID cards with the graduation date and institution name. Would've been great, keeping in mind that not all of us are working, and this do not have the free will to spend our pocket money ( unless we are related to Gaben !)

  • lukkoeh

    I would also like to have a discounted version of Nitro or Nitro Classic, because Discord Nitro would be nice to have, but at the moment, it is too expensive for a student like me. And I think there are a whole lot of people who would consider getting it if there was a student discount! Something like Discord Nitro Classic for 2.50$/month | 2,50€/month would be great.

  • Lassi

    There are so many students out there who use Discord every day and would love to support Discord but just can't. You could argue that Nitro isn't a necessity but neither is Spotify Premium or Youtube Premium. 

  • SergejLj

    Agreed, would be nice to see student discount! 

  • Prelaunch37

    Yeah, I think that it should discount nitro by like 25%.

  • Dany.01000110

    Hi, I am that too! I wish Discord would follow this trend to help students and it might help with loyalty to their Nitro offers!


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