Go Live for Windows 7



  • BriZz

    Concordo, tambem uso win 7 e quero ter acesso a essa funçao

  • cupid.rips.hearts


    Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end

    After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is coming to an end on January 14, 2020. We know change can be difficult, so we are here to help you with recommendations for what to do next and to answer questions about end of support.


    In short, Windows 7 support will end in a few months.
    Why spend resources making it work for an OS that won't be supported in a short time?



    To the downvoters:

  • Trenkos

    Because while Microsoft is ending support many people will remain on the platform (myself being one of them) because Windows 10 blows fat d*cks

  • Rimsala

    I hope the Discord team can add this soon! :) I'd really like to use this function. It's a fairly trending function in a server I'm part of and would like to join in on the fun.

    Also, not sure what Microsoft support dates have to do with anything. "End support" doesn't mean "OS now doesn't start up unless you upgrade" so the OS is still quite viable, many people will continue to use it, especially when Win10 has so many problems.

  • Zwaluw

    Windows 10 isn't a big difference, you can still update it for free if you have a legal version of Windows 7.

  • Kiyoko

    We all know, we can update to w10 for free, but it is how Trenkos said, much people will remain on the platform.

  • Rimsala

    Yes! Please! There are plenty of good reasons to stick with Win7. Other people will say "it's an obsolete operating system, loss of support, etc" but there are legitimate reasons to stick with it given how many new problems Win10 introduces that Win7 doesn't have. It's not just being stubborn. I am also a Win7 user and will gladly move on like I did from everyone's beloved XP when Microsoft delivers something wholly better. Win10 is not that in my opinion, and other people's opinions don't invalidate that!

    Please give us Go Live for Win7 :)

  • Stingray

    I see the point..but again when Microsoft ends official support Windows 7 in a few years will become like Windows XP which is no longer supported by just about anything nowadays(Not saying you can't run anything on WXP but most of the newer stuff these days run well or not at all) so it would be pointless to spend resources to add GoLive for W7. As a big chunk of W7 users will be forced to shift over to newer OS's like Windows 10 (Maybe a few people decide to try W8/8.1 i know i tried it and love it).

  • Rimsala

    You just said it yourself though, in a few *years*. That's *years* of millions of Discord users not being able to use a really cool feature just because they don't want to migrate to an operating system littered with more problems than it's worth. I don't think it's a waste of resources to give that many people something like this for that long. And yes, it really is millions. Win7 accounts for about 1/3 of all the people using *any* computer.


    You're also assuming that the majority of people who are sticking with Win7 are even going to migrate to Win10 at all. Many of us are completely avoiding it because of how toxic it is. The only reason we'll move off of Win7 is when Microsoft decides to release an actually good operating system, which Win10 is not.

    So, again, people keep quoting this "support date" like it's some decisive indicator of when everybody is going to stop using the operating system. But in fact, the operating has a lot of life left in it. I hope the Discord developers don't listen to the tons of people who expect everyone to move to the next operating system regardless of what it is, and instead see that a LOT of people are going to stick in Win7, and hopefully don't leave these people behind. It's not like asking for it to be added to XP, which 2% of people use. Win7 still has a massive userbase! Please don't leave us behind :)

  • RokuTsumi

    And some people (like me) that have old computers can't run Windows 10.

  • lusantisuper

    For everyone having windows 7 problems and can't update to windows 10. Other option is to try some linux distro (like PopOS), it is lighter than windows 10, it's completely free and can run more than 70% of the steam library. I'm using now for 3 years and never coming back to windows.

    Don't try linux without searching if your hardware is compatible.


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