Ability to remove '@' (mention) functionality based on role/user



  • theimpar

    I pray for one day this scourge to be over. But for reals, it's pretty annoying and to be able to remove that function from somebody in a particular server would be real keen.

  • Kooln

    I second the motion. At this point it seems like an essential function. It'd be a lovely addition to the discord admin tool set!

  • TheWrongestTrousers

    I am sure many servers have that ONE person that keep @'ing specific people and you don't necessarily want to ban them, but they need to be put in a corner.

  • 50's_Detective

    I STRONGLY agree with these comments. I would like a Discord experience where I am not bombarded by @here's by people who don't actually use the function as intended. They simply use it as a means to make people look at some link and or a thought they would like to pointlessly share. CONSTANTLY!

  • Reem


  • aaronfranke

    Additionally, the existing ignore functionality doesn't seem to work. This is what my settings menu looks like, and I still get notifications: https://i.imgur.com/93JDtv9.png

  • turret001

    yes please

  • Train Hartent

    I STRONGLY agree with this


  • Eclipse

    Recently had a bunch of bots coming on the server and immediately mentioning as many users as possible in the shortest amount of time. It would be amazing if we could disable mentioning permissions from members without a role. For now we had to create a separate channel invisible to verified members where all new members are dropped to get verified. It's not practical at all, but it's the least we can do right now.

  • Nineteendo

    I found the first fix today: https://youtu.be/Dbm6ncyHHkU
    With this trick AutoMod can disable mentions entirely.
    Unfortunately, if you want to allow the other users to mention, you need to give them a new role, and add that role to exempt roles of Block Mention Spam. But if that's exactly what you were looking for it will work.


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