Ability to set per Category "Collapsed by default" on Desktop and Mobile



  • Celeron
    This could be very helpful for servers with a large number of channels for different topics, and could be very useful in combination with nested categories (if this ever gets implemented)
  • MagicCookie

    I was just about to post this - I would want it server-side because the server I run you have optional communities to join and some of those would be better to get out of the way so people don't get overwhelmed with options as soon as they join.

    Would also be good to have the default mute and such too so only those seeking it will want to unmute it.

  • TheNob

    Yes please!

  • Soorena TV Sedighi

    Any updates on this? I love my things being organized and streamlined. Being able to have the categories (and nested categories) collapsed by default would go a long way towards that.

    I know a lot of new members feel an overwhelm when they enter a server with so many different channels. @Discord @Everyone Where are we with this feature?

  • HLL.PL | p a r a s i t e

    Any news about it?
    Very usefull for organising DC.

  • dombogo

    this would be so useful

  • Veguín

    This would be a great new feature, hope they see this thread 🙏

  • Peter (Tigrangelix)

    I was just googling for this function and found this page. Nice to know more people had my idea. I certainly hope I can find it. If I find someone that already implemented this in a bot I'll be sure to let you know here. But for now I hope you'll do the same :)

  • Mojo Jojo

    This would be so useful, hope they plan to implement it

  • BlinkiNiki

    Just landed here by googling this functionality. Please Discord - some of my newbie members are a little overwhelmed.


  • MJGM

    PLEASE🙏🏻 This would be extremely helpful and much appreciated.

  • Archon

    Need this!!!

  • Mayhelm

    This is very important in order to retain users on servers. They will not use discord if they don't get the relevant information due to being overwhelmed.

    As Discord usage is expanding to involve the management of quite large organizations, please implement this in order to not stunt your development. Thank you!

  • HolisticGamingLord

    I also need this xD my srver is extremely complex Lmfao.. I rlly hope they see this


  • Brandonn

    I think this would be a great feature. All my server members are having a hard time navigating around my server. I pray this becomes a feature.

  • Breaka


  • Demonfang Arun

    Adding my +1 for this, except as someone mentioned above, be able to set at the server level too. My server has sadly grown in a way that's not even condusive to adding in a role assigning bot, and it would be much help if people weren't thrown facefirst into a server with  60+ channels.

  • SlugmanTheBrave

    plus plus


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