In game FPS cap with Go Live



  • Flebsy

    This is a big problem that needs to be fixed. Capping the game to 60fps makes Go Live useless to me, and makes me avoid the feature.

  • Verknaller

    This FPS limit is also making me not use the feature in high paced games. Too much of a downgrade on a 144hz monitor.

  • Loaf

    This has been happening to me lately. not sure how to fix this. Also sometimes the fps stays the same but its a stuttery mess in League of Legends. 

  • ColColonCleaner

    I cannot use the feature at the moment in most games because of this. It caps the in-game framerate to 60 which is a big downgrade.

    EDIT: To be clear the stream being at 60fps or lower is fine, but the fact that it limits the actual game's framerate to 60 when otherwise it would run higher is the problem.

  • multi

    I thought buying discord Nitro would fix the in game fps limit. Since you can choose source format. But I was wrong. The fps of the stream is nice at 60 fps, the image is clear for the stream but my game, even though my Nvidia overlay says I'm getting 100+ fps moving feels sluggish and it's actually capped at 60fps for me.

    I don't know why this is not left to run at normal speeds for the source player and just cap the stream.. hope they fix it so that it doesn't cap your frame rate.

  • Jack

    I am also having this problem but it only affects some games. When I stream Hollow Knight, my fps stays at 165 while it streams 720/30. However, when I play Modern Warfare the in-game fps counter stays above 120 but is actually displaying something around 60. Makes it unplayable.

  • Braxton

    I was having the same issue on my laptop. I changed my settings ingame from full screen to borderless and the issue got solved. I was streaming league of legends.

  • TheRedfoox

    I take the liberty of adding myself. Can't do a Go Live on For Honor for me. It's on this one that the effect of fact most felt

    Setup :
    144Hz monitor
    RTX 2080
    i7 9700K
    10Gb/s bandwidth

  • Slinky Slonky Waffle

    I'm having the same problem. 
    R7 2700X
    32GB 3000Mhz
    Radeon VII

    Whenever i attempt to stream Houdini FX, it becomes incredibly sluggish (feels like 10-15 fps). while the viewport reports 120+fps. Houdini also becomes incredibly unstable whenever i stream it, or am watching a stream in discord.
    I've also noticed discord taking 50% of my GPU resources when streaming 720p at 30fps. This is outrageous, and in my opinion shows how poorly optimized discord is. Probably because its built on Electron, a locked down browser that display's local website files. Everything being Javascript makes it infamously slow allong with the already slow and ram hungry chrome engine. 

    The only thing i'd like to see from discord HQ is new versions of the native app, with OS specific frameworks. Like .NET and WPF in windows 10, or Xcode for OSX.

    This is not to bash the discord developers, they've made a great app that is nice to use and looks great. But the stability and performance is something that's been pushing me elsewhere, even if im on a top end system.

  • Sike201

    I have been having the same issue! My laptop has i7-10700h, 32gb ram and rtx 2070. When I play games it just plays normally at 144fps capped cuz I have a 144 hz display. When I want to stream to my friends the FPS just drops to constant 60! Is there any way to fix this issue?

  • Qeetz

    discord please help my bruther, Sike201 out.


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