Desktop Stream Mode



  • DragShot

    Seriously, why is this suggestion getting downvoted? Group chat screensharing works even in Windows 7, apparently with better fluidity, and this supposedly brand new feature not only works in less operative systems but it actually has less options.

    Tbh I'd rather stick to regular URL screensharing for the time being until they improve Go Live.

  • GiZz™ FREE

    +1 For whole desktop, for sessions of collaborative software programming / demonstrations we love this feature and, would be nice to do this in guild vocal too :) Some can argue there is better tools for this task but it is higly sufficient most of the time.

  • lick me

    please add this back, it's so annoying not being able to show your mates a website or document!

  • DocWeird

    yes i can't get the reason why isn't already released


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