The new font is bad, please change it back.



  • miri

    I'm shocked by how much harder I find the new font to read (I use dark mode) but it is clearly blurrier and harder to read now than before. Personally it strains my eyes badly and most people I have talked to about this feel that this is the opposite of an improvement on what was before. I can't even keep up with chats myself because it is such a chore for me to read the text. 

    I think this is not a question of a new design choice that causes us to react and then we get used to it-- the font's legibility is objectively worse than before and I don't understand this choice at all. Please change it back, I think everyone would prefer it and it seems like the easy solution, or at the very least do something to make it less blurry for your users.

  • mendia

    I liked it.

  • Neno

    Oh god I just got this update and the font makes me feel like I'm back in 2000s AIM chat rooms. Change it back.

  • naked nuggets yowyow

    horrible new font, it hurts my eyes, and the faces such as: :c, :3. look horrible can you please change it back, im getting a headache from how small the dots are, and just.. please change it back

  • Qazsedc

    This new font is basically the step sister of Comic Sans


    @Rex you are correct, I never noticed that and I am sorry about that. I should've posted that in the newer posts regarding the current new font. Also to MattMayuga, I am one of those that complain on Reddit, I won't get adjusted to the new font because the new font is ugly, simple as that, I want devs to know that and that's why I complain, I try to be polite and use arguments so I am not one of those users who go on a rant (and I agree these guys should be ignored) but I am a user that represent userbase that should be listened to as I am the one who was one of the first users before Discord started being popular and I hate how discord now ignores what we say just by putting changes in and ignoring our userbase, in a recent year they removed so many small features that made discord feel less like a program for work and more like a software to have fun and chat. For example they removed the cute and fun texts at the loading screen just to fit the new audience. They removed easter eggs like multiple click for copying your ID for absolutely no reason other than "normies won't understand it". I will complain as long as discord will do that. Eventually will leave if they will continue that (more companies will try to compete in that field). 

  • Aryash

    It's Not Awful, It's GARBAGE


  • MattMayuga

    Aren't you one of these guys that complained about it on Reddit? I have already gotten used to the new font, which isn't exactly bad. I also got used to the new look, and even the new Clyde. Personally, seeing these types of feedback in the Discord Support page is way too much. I mean, there are some people who like it, and some who don't. I would not even want to complain about anything, but there are way too many posts like this here.

  • lulzBoB

    The right one is cleaner as I said. Do you think I will change my mind because of a comparison which doesn't even show the same content? Is this how QA should work? Here is some random sh*t compare it with this random sh*t and if I find it subjectively worse every one else who says it's an improvement is just wrong?

  • lulzBoB

    Font is actually super clean and nice. People always qq about changes. Keep up the good work!


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