The new font is bad, please change it back.



  • milkdew

    It's absolutely awful, correct.

  • Burkino

    agree, pretty much everything about this update was bad

    changing the font-weight made it look horrible, and even the add emoji and the 3 dots look bad

  • Woof

    I hate it I just updated my discord and I regret it I wish I didn't I want my old one back they also made stuff smaller and it hurts my head 

  • Drachen

    How exactly did this change get through quality assurance? In what universe is a slightly bold and noticeably blurrier font scheme superior to the original?

  • The Master

    Absolutely terribly blurry now. I logged in and thought I was crazy, and asked my friends if it was just me or if the text was blurrier now. I didn't read the update notes or anything, just figured it out by looking at the text for a couple of seconds, that's how bad it is.

  • MetaThPr4h

    The new font makes me dizzy, it's crazy blurry.

    I really hope they revert the changes because I don't see myself being able to use Discord with how it looks right now, my eyes hurt.

  • Zik

    Awful. Bigger, bolder, blurrier. Why???

  • BirdBird

    Please give us the option to enable old font rendering. 

  • Isthariel

    Every single change made by Discord in pretty much the last year has been a step backwards. I honestly do not understand how people get paid to make this garbage.

  • ZEN

    Yes, I don't like it at all either... I reset my Discord and it applied this update, and it feels so wrong and foreign. I suppose I should give myself time to adjust, but honestly, I really enjoyed the old Discord font... I hope there's an option to switch between if we absolutely *have* to have this new font. 

  • CDaddy

    Please, it's actually making me cross eyed.

  • michaelmvm

    every single person i know agrees that it hurts their eyes, i dont know who thought this was a good idea, but can they be fired?

  • The Master

    "super clean" is the last thing this new font should be called. Look at this screenshot and tell me which one is cleaner and nicer? I had an older screenshot on the left, and took a newer one on the right, 

  • Vict.

    Absolutely agreed. Glad I'm not the only one that thought this lol.

  • Tarshana

    Do you guys hate us? It's the only explanation I can find.


    This is hurting my eyes, and I'm looking to find a different service. It's that bad.

  • Jenns

    New font changes are not good, pwease revert. uwu (Light theme changes are bad too oof my eyes ouch owie)

  • DoreK

    The new font is awful...

  • The Chozon One

    Can confirm, this is utter crap and should never have made it past QA. This isn't an accidental thing either, nobody changes the aliasing method on the majority of their platform by mistake.

  • The Master

    The right one is objectively blurrier, and what is random about it? they are both a screenshot from the main chat window, with the only difference being the recent revision to the text. You can easily see it yourself by looking at the text in the preview window in the settings, anyway, this is just a real-world example. Nothing random about it. Anyway, this isn't the place for an argument, just posting an actual example of the text in question of this feedback thread.

  • Pingutaro

    Agreed. This is horrific.

  • Maxz85

    pls bring back the old font


    new one is cancer


    please, old font back, i can't read because it's not clean

  • Pazuzu

    This is horrible, are you guys trolling us? I just made sure my Discord was up to date to make sure I had all the correct features for the Destiny 2 PC LFG 2.0 system and the font changed and it is horrible, just completely unreadable. It's blurry and hard to read. Makes me feel like I need glasses. This is seriously awful, please revert it or give us the option to change it ourselves. For the love of god and everything holy. This is really, really, really, really bad. 

  • Josh 2

    i dont have troubles reading it but it just looks so much worse. the colors of the chatbar just look worse too. all around just a bad update

  • gnmpolicemata

    It most certainly is annoying. My eyesight is bad as is, I don't need Discord to make me feel like I can't see.

  • PoopPee

    light theme is actually decent now (now that they updated the contrast, and that the side bars are actually light now) and i quite like it, but the new font is kind of off-putting to me, and i would really like an option to change it back to the old font.
    (i have to say that this my opinion otherwise people will yell at me) the new font isnt as bad as people say (i feel like they're exaggerating to be honest), and i could definitely adjust to it after making the font size a bit smaller, but i still prefer the old one.
    also on the sides of the text box where it has all the gifs, emojis, file attaching, and stuff, they are a little too bright, so it's harder to tell when i'm highlighting the thing or not.

  • Gyroscope

    2000's AIM didn't have anti-aliased fonts that cause long term damage to your eyes. They need an option to remove the anti aliasing or change the layout all together. Discord is complete crap.

  • Rex

    This post is *2 years old* and was created to complain about a font change that had anti aliasing problems.

  • Lolilya

    Discord try to add things people actually need instead of stuff noone asked for (impossible)
    although admittedly i'm more or less fine with the new font (although i much prefer the previous one) but i absolutely HATE how horrible and unsymmetrical the uppercase M looks


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