Visual WYSIWYG/Rich Text Editor for Discord!



  • Rex

    This is one of the best ideas iv seen in a while... it would be nice if they would remove that useless nitro gift button and add a typography button that would expand the text box revealing some basic options.




  • MM  close...

  • PatPeter

    Well you all got what you wanted. Now how do I disable it?

  • MDW

    Yeah, we really need the ability to disable this. This is Discord, not Frontpage. It's 2019, not 1995; let's act like it.

  • Garrett Fletcher

    > Have you ever composed an e-mail in GMail, or used a forum or Instant Messaging client that let you click to format your text, or use shortcuts like ctrl+B (Bold), ctrl+i (Italics), ctrl+u (Underline), and wished: "Wow, I sure wish that Discord would let me format my text so seamlessly"?

    No. I always thought "Wow, this editor sucks. I sure wish everyone would just use Discord's awesome Markdown editor". Letting go of your keyboard to click something with a mouse isn't more seamless than a simple markup. I guess it would work for users who always keep their main hand on their mouse, typing only with the off-hand. Shortcuts are marginally better but you still have to select a piece of text to format it and then get back to typing.

    > Think that those who have absolutely ZERO aptitude for memorizing markdown, should have the opportunity to still make their text look pretty?

    Yes. WYSIWYG absolutely should be an option exactly for this reason.


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