Revert Every UI change made in the past year please


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  • Burkino

    I wouldn't really say every UI change, just mostly the latest one

    Them rounding some stuff on the UI, yea it looked a little weird but it was just a small change

    Them changing icons a while ago, again, small change, you'd really need to be looking for differences


    But this latest update, you immediately see huge differences. Messages are wider because the size and weight changed, other elements just don't look centered, even your name in the bottom left is too thick.

    When hovering over a message the emoji picker you see just looks tiny and the design isn't pleasing to look at, the buttons in the 3 dot menu also just look tiny.


    And as I've seen many people say, you can barely tell a difference between a read, unread, and muted channel on light theme

    (maybe doesn't show the same in a screenshot but they're practically the same color, giveaways is muted)

    But then when you compare it to dark theme you can immediately tell which is which



    and I have to bring this up, BetterDiscord would be the solution for everyone, you can customize everything about how Discord looks so your eyes are the most relaxed and everything is readable; but Discord made this against ToS. If Discord were to add a Custom CSS people would complain about the UI less because they could change it to how they want it to look.


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