Discord Window Transparency



  • Crazymine

    i would even go as far and have it almost clear. and perhaps even for the other parts of the window.

    Edit: Because images are cool, i thought one would underline my thoughts pretty well

    It's just a quick sketch and a bit sloppy, but i hope it will be sufficient.

  • Akuba

    I would love to have my wallpaper engine background in discord.

  • subLime

    I agree, I just thought of this idea today. I imagine myself enjoying my wallpapers along with using discord because I have a 2nd screen on top, I want to appreciate my background while using discord. Best of 2 worlds.

  • Pedro..

    That would be amazing. Bonus points if it is something like Crazymine's sketch!

  • riccochet

    +1 for this please...

  • sp42s

    Yes @Discord please make this happen, i remember when i used PuTTY alot there was a nice option for window opacity. Could it be possible that you would make same kind of setting?

  • ▄︻┻═┳一 丹𝕜

    Hey Crazymine how did you did it ?

  • Crazymine

    Took a screenshot of Discord, opened the windows default wallpaper in gimp, added the screenshot, added a mask, added the transparancy one by one, duplicated the wallpaper, cut it to fit the discord window, added blur to it.

  • TheSlicingSword

    This is possible with BetterDiscord, however, the use of it is against ToS. Use at your own risk if you care for it.

  • Trazos_D

    Quick Update on this topic (June 9, 2022: 

    - With the new forums update, Discord has changed something in the client (standard no PTB) and now client is compatible with my current transparency software mentioned bellow (Glass2K)

    So there's no need to use browser for this to work.


    [Original message]

    Hi, this may not be the answer you are looking for but... here's me anyways.

    While Discord keeps considering your suggestion, you can workaround the transparency feature at your own avoiding the use of the Discord client app (which is basically a chromium tab with customizations and blocked features on purpose for trademark and security reasons). 

    There are multiple apps for transparency in windows 7/10/11 both free and paid and most of them work with basically any window and browser by default.


    For this case, I'm using Brave browser (which is chromium base) and Glass2k, not the fancier of them but enough for me que custom bindings and low resource consumption. 

    I get the point some people may argue about browsers being memory hunger a bit, but for this case, after a couple hours of usage, Discord is not best solution given the extra layers of customization and probably some of the features being idling in background.





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