Discord Window Transparency



  • Crazymine

    i would even go as far and have it almost clear. and perhaps even for the other parts of the window.

    Edit: Because images are cool, i thought one would underline my thoughts pretty well

    It's just a quick sketch and a bit sloppy, but i hope it will be sufficient.

  • Akuba

    I would love to have my wallpaper engine background in discord.

  • subLime

    I agree, I just thought of this idea today. I imagine myself enjoying my wallpapers along with using discord because I have a 2nd screen on top, I want to appreciate my background while using discord. Best of 2 worlds.

  • Pedro..

    That would be amazing. Bonus points if it is something like Crazymine's sketch!

  • riccochet

    +1 for this please...

  • sp42s

    Yes @Discord please make this happen, i remember when i used PuTTY alot there was a nice option for window opacity. Could it be possible that you would make same kind of setting?

  • ▄︻┻═┳一 丹𝕜

    Hey Crazymine how did you did it ?

  • Crazymine

    Took a screenshot of Discord, opened the windows default wallpaper in gimp, added the screenshot, added a mask, added the transparancy one by one, duplicated the wallpaper, cut it to fit the discord window, added blur to it.

  • TheSlicingSword

    This is possible with BetterDiscord, however, the use of it is against ToS. Use at your own risk if you care for it.


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