Only audio-mute servers?



  • Fufu Fuuf ッ

    Eu não entendi direito, poderia dar uma explicação melhor?

  • Tepi

    Agreed. "Server Mute," as it is, mutes any form of notification from anything on a server.

    I'd propose three options for servers:

    * Mute sounds

    * Mute toasts/badge notification

    * Mute both

    As it is, I found a work-around, for those interested in simply muting sounds/toasts, but the red notification tray icon & white arrow next to server icon within Discord are still seen. Server is NOT muted, Server Notification Settings is still set to "All Messages," but for the individual channels that I care about, they're added as Notification Overrides, and only "Mentions" is selected.


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