Deprecate Go Live and bring back Server Screenshare.



  • Revali

    Server screenshare is a way better idea than just being able to stream games to servers. Go Live is literally just a slightly worse, slightly less useful version of Screenshare, as Screenshare literally already supports directly streaming games at their source. But, Server Screenshare was a beta feature that was only rolled out to a very limited number of people (I for one have never gotten it), whereas Go Live is not. As is the nature of Beta features, they aren't necessarily concrete and are subject for change or removal at any time.

    I agree with you, but realistically, Go Live is, unfortunately, here to stay.

  • Manolo

    If everyone just accept it, yes, Go Live is here to stay, but if people start doing feedbacks, maybe its not. And to have Server Screenshare all u need to do is make a few servers until your got it, not that hard. 


    I didnt even know why change, Go Live is useless, u cant see more than one screen at time, u cant share browser, coding tools, emulators, etc. Not even for streamers it is usefull, since they cant monetize streaming in that **** :|


    Just deprecated a good tool to start investing in a worst version...


    I really want server screenshare back. And it should roll out to all servers! Even though I was lucky enough to have it on my server for a very long time.


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