A more flexible server boost



  • Kyria

    This is really, really well thought out, and I think it would improve many of the aspects of the boost system that don't currently work well.

    Perhaps a simplified version would be to have a toggle between "admin mode" where server admins choose how points are allocated, and "member mode" where members could choose which features to put their points toward. Admins could choose to set it to member mode or not, but ff server admins are absent for X amount of time, it automatically switches to member mode.

    I could see this working really well and bringing in more revenue form people who would be willing to chip in a few bucks for that one feature they really want.

    On the flipside, there could also be a decrease in revenue, because now people only have to pay $1/month instead of $10/month to keep their favorite emoji unlocked.

  • Kilvoctu

    Thanks, I've ruminated on the idea of how to improve boosting ever since the feature was released.

    As a power user myself, I like having as much control and as many options as possible, but I understand that a lot of end users want simple. Part of the difficulty of finding a solution is having a system that can serve both types of end user's needs and be presented in the UI in a clean and intuitive way. "Admin mode" and "Member mode" could be an effective way to execute this idea.

    As for how profitable this will be for the Discord team, it's hard for us on the user side to predict. With the recent announcement of the Nitro games' removal, their management will probably wait a while to see how that affects their $10 subscription numbers.
    Anecdotally, I do notice that there is a market of users who feel that $10 or even $5 a month is too large of an investment over something ultimately very trivial, however they would not mind putting a couple dollars into such a thing. The question would be, are there enough of users like this to offset the amount who will otherwise keep their $10 subscriptions? I personally think so.

  • Plemso

    I completeley agree with the overall idea, and I can see that you have a fair point. It would be intresting.

    BUT many many many people have aleready boosted servers and unlocked vanity urls, and other boosting features, what would happen to them? What would happen after they cancel the boost and they have 0 points?

  • Kilvoctu

    Boosting is already on a monthly basis, so any changes to its core functionality would ideally be on the reset date of a month.
    People would then reboost as they normally would and the server would retain its benefits, or they would choose not to reboost and the server would lose its benefits after the grace period ends, much like how the system currently works.


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