Permanently (certain) deleting DMs



  • Azir

    Please be able to delete an entire conversation

  • Phoenix23

    This would be so helpful stop channels having so much chat history that no longer relevant. To delete all past chats but have an option to block deletion either personally or in group channel

  • MankiGames

    Please. Why can I only delete my side of the conversations? Please allow the ability to remove parts of conversation without deleting the whole conversation. Thank you.

  • amushroomoto

    "if you delete/close a DM, all the messages within the DM should be deleted, even if the DM is later reopened." I completely agree. Please make this feature at least!

  • Usercore

    I get sometimes Post in groups or DM's i dont wanna see...
    I can't hide them, i can't delete them and i am forced to have this...
    Now ya could say i can delete full chat... i dont wanna do that.
    Why we cant just delete/hide with an disclaimer to prevent fake chats (deleted message/hidden message)
    What's the problem???
    I dont want to see an absolute stupid pic of an disgusting thing any time i open some chats...
    And why it's not in by now??? That is way too late.

  • Photosynthesis

    YES. Please, I have wanted this for a long time. PLEASE FIX.


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