Proximity Chat in Games



  • focal

    In Among Us especially, this would be literally impossible since names aren't permanent, so there is no way for it to know who's who. Linking people in a discord call to people in games in the first place is quite iffy, but it could be possible in some cases. I highly doubt it could be implemented very well, though.

  • YodaJD

    I agree with you, nitro feature is really good, however, I like to talk when I play Minecraft with my friends. it makes me fun, chat is not bad in some situations.

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  • Scuff Man

    I do t how it would work but I think it would be cool

  • iChicken1

    My question is how do you do it?

  • Mr_Hipe

    Discord needs to provide a basic API / Integration for game developers to implement this feature in their games. 
    I think they could already do it but it would require them to code unnecessary code for every game individually and way to much effort.

    This should be Discords job not theirs because they won't code it otherwise.  

  • MNS

    That would be so cool, I'm here now after watching a video of streamers playing among us with a new among us mod which is available in an upcoming update(for public, selected streamers could use it now) So the feature would be so cool and unlike many comments, it would work if discord could get a way to access among us servers, no matter how much it cost, it's a price worth paying. And the proximity chat feature would also be so cool in horror games like dead by daylight too. It actually brings reality to the game! Weather is a battleroyale or any other game. The gaming experience would be 1000+ times better. I really wish discord could implement this feature soon

  • lukashik

    Nitro is a cool thing, but you can't always use it. As for the chat, as for me, it's better to play with friends, so it's more fun. Today, more and more people prefer to visit streams, rather than play themselves. And it surprises me a lot. Have we forgotten how to play ourselves? Or we were not interested in it, and it is more interesting to watch how others play. My son constantly watches videos where other players play, and he does not want to play. It's all very strange. 


  • RosieRosie

    I agree with the majority, choosing between chat and playing with friends, the choice will definitely be for the latter. Streams have become a part of most games, and of course, due to digitalization, this is inevitable, but the game process remains much more interesting. I don't think it brings reality to the game and improves the gaming experience. Perhaps it will be good if it becomes an alternative, not a replacement.


  • Radhy

    i have a question, how do i add proximity chat in discord?


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