Options for smaller UI and Fully dark mode (iOS & iPadOS)



  • Alexxie

    You can turn Fully Dark Mode on by pressing "Dark Mode" 5-7 times. A little prompt will pop up, and switch that little switch, and then Fully Dark Mode will turn on.

    Please be sure you want it on, because Fully Dark Mode is experimental and in beta.

    Also, I'm sure on iOS you can turn up and down the text size. Discord uses iOS to target every device that uses an iOS operating system. But, sometimes we think they're not as well.

    But, what we do know is that they might be working on this with the iOS staff at Discord, and make sure that they can update that, and still work on other things as well.

    Have any more questions? DM me on Discord 'Iamosully#1235', or reply and I'll reply back.

    Sincerely, Alex.

  • MG32

    iOS Does not have that dark mode feature. Clicking the Dark button in Appearance more than once doesn’t do anything at all. Yes, iOS can change the Text size, but people can do that on Android too and yet there’s an option that I’ve been kinda wanting on iOS because it sets the UI Size as well which makes it look better in my opinion.

  • Trio

    I too would like the text size option to increase or decrease the size. Android has it in-app, to have to change it in the accessibility settings / control center each time you enter or exit the app makes the experience not as user friendly.


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