Customise sidebar width



  • sx

    Yes please, I went to do this naturally just a couple days ago. I remember spending longer than I should have trying to mouseover what I thought was a 1 pixel frame border until I realized there was no adjustable border.

  • CSD bot 🤖

    yes please! adjustable margin for channels! 

  • taj1994

    Another vote here. It's not really an issue for text channels, since you can just click on them and see the full name at the top, but I've seen plenty of voice channels that don't fit in the space, and there's no way to see the full name.

    Even if they don't make the size adjustable, a tooltip with the full name when you hover over it would be nice

  • Goofy

    Me, too!

  • TinTin-R

    Any Discord server with long channel names where the beginning is more or less the same makes it difficult to pick the right channel if the right-hand side is chopped off. Many apps these days have a slider for that panel width. Can Discord implement one as well?


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