Separate Permissions for Pinning and Deleting



  • Ryokishine

    I was about to make a thread about this myself but noticed there are 4 other threads about it written within the past 6 months - 2 year period...

    I really hope they will address this at some point. Has been forever and pretty much everyone that has ever read one of those threads and commented on it had only positive things to say about the suggested change.

    I'd apologize for necro'ing an old thread but I feel like if it's been that long and there have been no changes then this is worth bringing up again in some fashion.

  • JamesStroup

    I agree that it would be spectacular to be able to allow server members to pin posts willy-nilly without fear of their deletion of others' posts.

  • Karna

    yeah it would be helpful to have a seperately permission for pinning Messages, because i have a server for my trainee thing and they can't pin important messages so please Discord we need a seperated pin function :D

  • tamarok

    This would be useful. I would like to allow pinning by a certain category of user, but allowing them to delete messages is an issue, meaning I can’t give them pinning rights. Given this was requested three years ago and nothing has changed isn’t inspiring confidence that it will happen soon. 


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