(Android) Copying embedded message content by long tapping is too easy to do by accident when scrolling



  • Alf

    Hey Hello! The reason for this situation may be due to some situations, if you want, let me list these situations:

    1. You may encounter this situation if you scroll too fast on the screen containing this long embed message.
    2. You may encounter this situation if there are too many link links in this long embed message.

    If you think this is a Discord bug, reach out to Discord immediately. Finally, stay healthy, stay safe. o7

    Link : Discord Testers

  • breadbean

    Alf, it has been a problem for 2 years. Here's a longer thread about the same issue: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360047992992-Android-Embed-Copy-Cooldown-for-the-fields

  • JudgeRightly

    New beta update to android has a new animation that seems to shed some light on what's happening. There's a circular shimmer/sparkle effect that occurs when long-pressing something on the new android version (rather than the expanding circle). I noticed that when swiping up on certain parts of bot posts, sometimes the "long-press" animation gets locked ... Open? ... When you swipe in a certain way. I was able to screen record it, but since I can't file-share here, if the devs allow it, I can try to post a link to it if I upload to YT or something...


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