About Discord Nitro Scams



  • jokersona

    Scams usually involve some sort of fraudulent activity, so in theory yes.

  • velvetkissqs


  • 6584

    They could get arrested as it is considered fraud, but it is unlikely to happen because:

    * Scammers usually use disposable email addresses and VPNs to create accounts on websites. There’s not much that law enforcement can get from it.

    * The people running the scams are usually in India or Nigeria, and law enforcement there are unlikely to take action as there are many other scammers conducting fraud there.

    * And because there’s so many of these scams and lack of information to report to law enforcement, Discord staff won’t do anything that involves law enforcement agencies.

    However, it is still possible, especially with large scamming operation groups that conduct a wide range of scam methods.


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