[Suggestion] Give every verified developer the verified dev. badge on a specific date



  • Mikun Hatsune ✔

    I both agree and disagree with this opinion.

    The Verified Bot Developer badge has existed for a long period of time throughout Discord's existence

    And the Icon has been renamed to "Early Verified Bot Developer"
    Early. For bot developers, who write a bots a long time before

    So, this is Badge for they.
    I think, Discord must create NEW badges for Verified Dev, and from 1 to 3 levels.

    • 1 level = 1 bot
    • 2 level = 5 bots
    • 3 level = 10-15 bots

    Of course verified bots.

    And depending on the level, the icon will be different

    I think, it's the best idea

  • sz`

    ! Mikun Hatsune ✔


    I really like the idea of "badge levels", but it won't solve the problem Discord originally removed the badges for. Discord originally removed the badges due to people making fake bots just to get the badges.


    The level idea is really cool, and I think a lot of people would like it too, but it won't solve the fake bot problem.


  • Mikun Hatsune ✔

    Izumi-kun, for the sake of the badge, people will continue to make fake bots, this is inevitable, and we must take it purely as a Fact, nothing can be done about it

    Yes, you can assign a "squad" of checking bots, which will deliver verdicts, but this is too important a task so as not to accidentally deny a decent developer due and upset him
    I myself am a Verified Developer, and I waited and talked with Technical Support for a long time, that I contacted Staff and I have already been personally confirmed, so there is nothing to be done

    For us, the main thing is to make good and competitive bots, and to unite with other developers to close and minus the reputation of such fake bots.

    I represent the Russian and Japanese communities of bot developers, and on our monitoring we constantly check bots. If there is a low-quality bot there, made for the sake of verification or badge (at that time), we drown its reputation on behalf of the developers of large bots

  • sz`

    ! Mikun Hatsune ✔

    You are right. Personally, I think that the biggest problem is that everyone suffers because of just a few people. Well, the word suffering might not fit in. After all this just a profile badge, but still.


    Overall, I think the best choice might be to just let it go and as you said focus on making competent and fun bots.


  • advaith

    > The Verified Bot Developer badge has existed for a long period of time throughout Discord's existence

    No, it definitely hasn't. Discord was made in 2015 and the badge was only announced in April of this year, and they ended it in August. It only existed for 4 months.

    Also, the badge is pointless, and the bot verification wait time went down to a tenth of the previous time when they stopped giving the badge. The badge should not come back, so they can still verify legitimate bots quickly without having to go through a ton of "badge bots".

  • sz`



    True. I think I should just let go of the badge.

    Thanks for answering

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