We all hate nitro snipers - I have some ideas!



  • Shaaarla

    The number 9. I like that


  • .nithin.

    alternatively don't send nitro in servers or groupdms, if you want to send someone nitro, sent it to them in a dm

  • TeGoRE

    While this may make a lot of sense to prevent nitro sniping, a simple way of avoiding nitro being stolen is just sending the gift link straight to the person who is supposed to receive it via DMs. You shouldn't really be sending Nitro gifts in servers, and instead do as written above.

  • do you mean when you send a gift in a server or when a bot randomly finds the link to it by checking every nitro gift link

  • mrk0

    Suggestions 1, 7, and 8 are quite good and are likely to prevent many snipes, but it still persists that the best way is to DM the user you want to send the gift to, not to send it in a server with many users.

  • luhn

    I personally would not do #1, as of captcha solvers.. and then there are ip spoofers so I wouldn’t do #2 also.

  • FunniLug

    Even if the best way to avoid being striped off of your Nitro is to send it to someone in DMs, some security measures should STILL be in place, and it's unbelievable that they are not. However, this is sadly unlikely to happen due to the way Discord became. Yet another greedy company, only looking for your money.


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