Introduce the option to use HWID bans on a per-server basis at the cost of restricting unverified members to desktop-only




    How can we avoid people to create multiple accounts to ruin a discord serveur too. Cuz we have got this kind of problem on our server. A guys try to revenge close our discord reporting to support about the content. We know the content is sometime a bit chocking but, the discord is private, every people on this discord is aware about the content topic. And only one guy create tons of false account to destroy it because we banned him cuz he was writting strong racists speaches. By now he have got about 100 accounts and we cannot do anything.

  • Glitchy

    The easiest answer is just to use a verification bot and set an age lock to like 20 days old or something.

  • Cygnus

    Tell me how a program like Discord would use HWID Bans? You can literally edit the code yourself by going into the Discord directory. 


    Not to mention tools to bypass HWID Bans would instantly be made.


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