Pronoun Display Feature Request



  • tkasony

    Yes! I prefer this to changing my nickname on servers. Looks clean.

  • Hopop

    This is a great idea. Would help with college based servers.

  • dark

    Talking in a big community server where you might not know everyone's pronouns can be difficult. You don't want to accidently misgender someone, especially if they are LGBTQ+. Having this option would help many people in different situations, whether it be casual conversation or business discussions, as well as making your LGBTQ+ server members feel like they have a safe and inclusive community to be a part of. 

  • Infantinoduck (he/him)

    Love this idea! Currently have my pronouns in my name which is a little intrusive, so I’d love a more subtle, but still easily identifiable solution!

  • BrettGB

    This sounds like a good idea! I think it would help a lot of people.

  • Frosty

    I love the thought put into this, especially as someone nonbinary.

  • Bagbot

    This is such a great idea. There’s honestly people I talk to every day and I don’t 100% know how to refer to them if/when I am talking about them. This would be a great solution to help ensure the safety and inclusiveness of discord!

  • laz

    great feature. 

  • rosecat

    yes please!

    this feature would be useful for everyone, not just LGBTQ+.

  • catlover catastrophe

    it should just be a role display feature, not necessarily a pronoun feature. could be used as one, of course, but could also be used for any other role type, to make he feature more useful to people who dont care about having pronouns displayed. obviously you would still be able to use it as a pronoun displayer

  • [Insert Steam Name]

    I was about to make my own post when I saw this thread had already existed. I think it would be so useful (although not perfect) to save people the trouble of needing a bot to give them a pronouns roles, especially when Pronouns are an essential part of a person's identity. For those who don't want to have their pronouns revealed, they don't have to. People already have to open a person's profile to see what gender role they would have anyway. This would benefit everyone in the gaming community.

  • Lyarrah

    I love this idea! I'd been worried about a discord-wide option because not everyone will be out everywhere, but being able to toggle it per server or even set it per server would be ideal.
    There's so many discords that use reaction role bots or similar things to show pronouns, having a universal and built in way would help standardize and promote it.

  • ReneeSky

    This is a brilliant solution to a very important aspect of community. It's tidy and neat and is very accessible, and I love the option to display it only in certain servers. I really hope Discord picks this up!

  • Mukkuru

    Just thought that this should be a thing, and a quick search revealed that others think this way too! Commenting to show my support for this idea, and specifically this wonderfully thought out version.

  • Tommy

    Also wanted to chime in and echo this suggestion! Being a larger server-owner and community organizer, I have felt that a built-in, internal method for folks to easily indicate their pronouns would be extremely beneficial. Seeing as other social platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn) are also providing internal means for users to do this, it only feels natural that Discord tackles this feature as well.

  • vr cryptid

    I think this would be great! The current solutions of including pronouns in your nickname or in your roles are clunky, or in the latter case can be overlooked, so I would like to see this feature fully integrated into Discord.


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