FeedBack on the Reply feature and how it can be improved.



  • Mikew
    • Keep the `@` on/off option saved for all replies per account. Instead of having it on every time you replay it should be saved so it would be basically a global toggle instead of per reply toggle

    This is absolutely required right now. A lot of the time there's no need to ping when replying, but right now you have to toggle it off every time which means people WILL be using it to cause unnecessary pings in the middle of regular conversations.

  • CamJamX


    I was surprised more or less in the middle of a chat that all of a sudden the "quote" option is no longer available. So far I have used it very often to make clear what exactly my answer refers to. I only had a short look at the "reply" function, but in my opinion it would have a negative influence on the visual appearance of the conversation and as far as I saw I would miss the possibility to edit the quoted message (for example to shorten it).
    So I would definitely support the suggestion to keep the "quote" option.

  • Dines

    I love being able to click something to snap to the message being replied to, but would love to be able to turn off the 'quoted text'. I really dislike a lot of duplicated text - makes reading really difficult for me.

  • Voverė

    Dines Someone disliked your comment but you do have a point. I always wanted the ability to add collapsible boxes in messages, especially for long technical messages, announcements, guides and whatever else (similar to how many popular forums have them). It would allow huge walls of text to be more concise and easier to view. The same collapsible boxes could be used for quoting. That way, you wouldn't have to worry about duplicated text while also being able to see the quote in its entirety.

  • jesusswag4dan

    I agree with this! also with toggle replies should be off by default unless the person specifically wants to keep it like that because most people never change the settings; it will get annoying like if you are a mod in a server and you get pinged because a lot of people reply to your message for whatever reason and don't turn it off, it'll end up drowing out people actually asking for help with things.


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