[Mockup] Discord Reply Feature



  • DrDewott

    Text size could be improved on your mockup but you're definitely onto something great! If it could allow us to perhaps shorten/edit the original message to focus on a specific point, or have it so you can maybe click a view more button to see the entire message by the reply, then this would be great! Though the "replied to user x" text at the top still looks annoying but I think that'll be the case no matter what.

    Still tldr, This already looks great but with a few tweaks it could be the best version I've seen yet! 

  • Nick Elliot

    I actually rather like this option. it hits the nail on the head on what I find absolutely jarring about the current reply function. It becomes cluttered and my eyes are not happy with it.

  • Minion3665

    Indeed, although quotes would still be needed to reply to multiple messages at once it's definitely better than the current reply feature

  • DowDeus

    I agree, you could almost remove the line I used and replace it with the qoutes that discord use.

    Interesting though thank you.

  • Funergy

    DrDewott I have to agree with you. Possibly having the option to select part of the text message and having the reply button show itself above it. Like you can now do with the WYSIWYG editor to make text bold etc...


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