Bring back Quote feature



  • an idiot

    I actually thought that i was just being an idiot who didn't spot the "quote" button

    we needed it back

  • karl-police

    You can still use


    and all that


    Issue with the old quote feature was, that it was named "Quote", so people used it. Now when a message contains certain role mentions, or a bad word and etc., there was a problem.

    The issue was that the user that quotes the message, would also quote the bad word. And all the old quote function did, was to basically make a message for you, which has a mention of the user and his message. And when the quoter sends the message, it gets obviously treaten as a normal message, which means it would ping and include everything else again.

    Issue here is that newer users, do not know that and if there's a nice button called "Quote", as example in our moderating case, it was too hard to handle and explain why the quote function is bad, because of these reasons.


    The newer one is better and even references back to the message that you quoted. Atleast that's my opinion on that.

    Before the new one was added, I used the message link and then replied and pinged the user if it was necessary.


    But you can always copy the Message Link from a message and cut out the part you want to quote and then use the ">" format.

  • Wry

    I'm going to assume the post in question is talking about the quote button because quote is indeed still a feature but now less convenient than before.

    The issue with the quote button being gone though is that it's less convenient to use >+spacebar, have the text in question copied and then paste it when I could do all that with a button press.

    Just like how the reply button is convenient to use since you don't have to do a mention+quote(optional), the quote button was convenient for me because I didn't have to do this very tiring process (just joking). The way it was done was convenient too, I could quote specific stuff and then copy paste extra if needed.

    Also the reply doesn't contain the whole message if it's too big, this is going to be a difference in tastes but I prefer quotes on this because I could just scroll down and see a big quote, understand what is being talked about. With the reply system I'd have to click on the message as an extra step, with optional extra clicks if it's a reply to a reply.

    Basically, the more I have to do compared to earlier for the same results, the less happy I am with this change.

    • ("Before the new one was added, I used the message link and then replied and pinged the user if it was necessary.)

    I just find it weird how karl talks about how inconvenient it was to reply back then based on his own experience/issues when now quoting is less convenient and the information on how to quote or even use anything markdown related is not available on discord itself (to my knowledge) unlike this website where I can see button with a nice variety of tools like italic.

    The negatives on quoting haven't been solved, even though the only issue in my eyes is the part where you'd quote a mention and it would be treated like a normal message.
    The problems would arise again if the users had the knowledge on how to quote and/or it were to be more convenient than to reply.

  • Syntax

    Another issue with "reply" is you cannot delete the original message.


    Please bring it back the auto-quote button. "Quote" was useful to keep certain channels clean, and still have the original message text as reference. This is impossible with "Reply" as if you delete the original message you lose the text in all replies too it.

  • Amaryllion

    Oh, please yes, bring back quote as before! I do have to quote manually now because I do not want to reply to the whole message, I need snippets to reply to!

  • Alma_D

    Seriously, why not have both?? At first, I was happy knowing there's gonna be a reply option, but now knowing that it completely removes the quote feature, I'm very much upset... With the old quoting, you can include the markdown styling of the message you're quoting which is super convenient. It's a huge shame that we can't do that anymore...

    I would be glad to be able to use both... :/


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