Message Embed Suggestion



  • BlueTechnician

    I understand that, but what if you do not want to go through the process of making a webhook and going through that proccess, that would be like saying Discord can remove the entire text to chat feature and navigate everyone to webhooks telling you to talk using webhooks.

    Plus, what if I were in a private DM and I wanted to create an embedded message, what would I do there, no webhooks or bots can do that. This is what I'm talking about, sure bots and webhooks can send embeds, but shouldn't users be able to send embeds too?

  • Techno1Monkey

    You can send easily embeds. Without any program knowledge. 

    Create a webhook in any channel you want. You can find this in Server Settings -> integrations -> Webhooks

    After you created a webhook, get the webhook URL and use the website


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