iOS App Badge Notifications



  • Hippie Dude (Still The Champ)

    Bump. As an Apple user I find it frustrating that I cannot get my notifications how I prefer. Please fix this problem.

  • Neukk

    Wow, been searching on how to do this for days. Can't believe it's not even an option for IPhone users. Very frustrating.

  • Kinsense

    Funny that your username is Blocker, because the app is blocking badge notifications from working on my iPhone as well. It's annoying that I can't be notified when any of my many friends are trying to converse with me. Just like fruit, I don't like to leave my friends hanging. It would be great if this could be fixed.

  • pwris

    I wouldn’t like this. If they set this to default, then your notifications would really fill up quickly. I also don’t see the point of this, being an iOS user. And besides, DMs are designed to be sent to you, and you only, not to everyone, if it’s going to them or not. This may seem like a great idea, but it moreso seems a very annoying gimmick. If you really want to talk with your friends, try using DMs.

  • blocker

    Hi Paris- thank you for sharing your insight, I believe this is an opt-in feature on the Android app and not the default, I would expect that this would remain the same if implemented in iOS. I agree with you that it would be overwhelming in some discords; given that not everyone uses this app in the same way it would be the preferred manor for me to use it in some of my servers. The only real change is adding a number in the corner of app icon. This functionality is built into every other similar platform i have used, i.e. groupme, teams, WhatsApp, etc. It makes perfect sense for it to be added to the discord mobile app as an option for users.

  • pancakeonions

    Yes, it's an opt in feature, and crazily enough - it exists now in the iphone ( but it doesn't seem to work!

    I would love an option (as it is described in the link above) that allows me to set badge notifications (the red numerical icon that appears on my iOS aps on my iphone) for specific forums, but NOT all forums.  There are plenty of Discord servers I follow very passively, and a few with close friends that I follow actively.  Please figure out how to implement the above linked feature.  Thanks!

  • DarthSkadoosh

    Upvoting all of these. I’ve been told it’s “working as intended”; which is absolutely ridiculous. “This is to make sure that you won't be bugged for spam messages that shouldn't really concern you”. That’s a great sentiment, but literally there are already 2 individual and dedicated settings to specifically avoid that from happening (@ only and mute all). Instead, they’ve made the decision on our behalf to make the button that they took time to program in (all messages) non functional. It makes zero sense. It’s like having a light switch that has on, off, and strobe settings, but the on position does absolutely nothing. If it was working as intended, the setting would actually accomplish what it’s labeled as 

  • DarthSkadoosh


    pwris It actually is a great idea, one that is currently implemented by every single other app in the ios store with notifications built in since literally day 1 of the iPhone and iOS, except for Discord.

    How do you not see the point of the red number notifications on the top right corner of ios apps? Do you never use them at a glance to see when you have unread emails, or messages, or snapchats, or anything else, without having to open the app or sift through the notification center?  

    Discord is not only a dm app, it is a communication and messaging app much like iMessages or GroupMe or Slack, with functionality from one on one dm conversations all the way to gigantic discord servers of thousands of active users. Do you not have a group chat with friends or family? I do, and as you inferred I do indeed really want to talk to them, as a group. I want to know when they've messaged me, and currently my only ability of knowing is seeing a banner notification. That visual reminder disappears unless I actively think to check my notification center and manually pull it up to look, or open the app. 

    If you don't want a notification every time a message is posted in a channel, then great! Discord has created the "@ mention only" function, just for that purpose. You're also able to customize your notification experience at a macro level in your iphone's settings to avoid your notifications adding up.  The issue here in this thread is that they have created a button for the "all messages" function, but that button doesn't actually work.  


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