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  • Donovan_DMC

    "So if the bot is in 300 servers, there have to be min 150 members on the support server."

    That.. almost never happens

    Dank Memer, at 3.5 Million servers, has 366,864 members. There is not a server on Discord with over a million members, so this is inherently flawed. Yes, of course it would be different for large bots. Eligibility based on the size of your support server is just down right ridiculous. My bot at 13K servers has less than 1K members in its support server.


    "The bot owner has to be the server owner."

    Quite a few bot developers get the bot to create the support server, which they can do at the start of the bot (under 10 servers), so this wouldn't work.


    "They should give "proofs" in form of screenshots."

    Screenshots can be easily faked with inspect element


    "Member count/average: set a member count from all servers the bot is in as a requirement. If you think this can be also faked, do average. Divide the total member count the bot counts by the server the bot is in. Do a minimum of 1500 to ensure that can not be faked."

    a.) Alt accounts. Lots and lots of alt accounts. If this seems implausible, people can get desperate.

    b.) Some bots are meant for very small servers, so this also wouldn't work


    "the account which is used for the application of the badge has to be created at least 1 year ago. You ensure that they don't just come to discord to get badges with multiple accounts."

    Some people come to Discord specifically to develop, or create a bot early within their time on Discord. I know some people who created a bot within their first few months on Discord. Considering the hard limit on server count, this could never work without basically limiting when you can make bots, which is something that would be astronomically stupid to do.

  • Mundelino

    thank you for your feedback.

    the exact numbers can be set however it works. they are only some numbers I had in my brain.


    the part which is important is the general idea and system behind each aspect.

  • Rivu

    I cant fully agree with this.
    Though I think they should have made minimum server count 500+ for verification. As 75 servers is a very low target to achieve.


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  • havoX

    You’re telling me that all this work is worth it just so some people can have a badge. Hell no doing all of this for just a badge verification is such a waste and is going to benefit like .01 % if not less of their users.

  • Kyrok

    tbh I think the bot should also have some sort of verification on some high ranking 3rd party list, such as Top.GG. TopGG will have testers test EVERY ASPECT of your bot, which is useful because it weeds out the fakers.


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