Mobile nitro gift button is awfully placed



  • spidercubed

    This won't make users want to purchase gifts, this will just make users pissed off. It's so stupid.

  • snow foot

    Fr this is ridiculous, who just gifts nitro to people? And clicking this button isn't going to make anyone decide to gift anything. Either a stupid mistake or a bone headed scummy decision.

  • deadmanfrank

    It's really weird that change, it's really not user-friendly update 🙃

    Like others have said peoples won't buy more nitro gifts by forcing the button to be there. It was was better when it was the camera button there.

  • Atrius

    I have to agree, this is just really poor UI design.

  • Beta Folf

    This is horrible placement. Muscle memory caused me to click it and for some reason Android's built in billing immediately ran and I gave some random person nitro. $5 gone.

  • Ch0wW

    Couldn't agree more. I forced reinstalled an older version of Discord to revert the button placement.

    You keep getting worse and worse with really awful decisions those days.

  • Elyika

    revert the change its HORRIBLE. it literally ruined Christmas. in a drunken rage i accidentally sent grandma nudes and that ruined christmas. please remove the button

  • maidservant hecubus

    It's infuriatingly bad design to put a button for something so rarely used in the spot where people click multiple times every day. Honestly who is reviewing your user experience? This makes me not want to give nitro or purchase it again.

  • BearCode

    Yeah I'm not renewing until they remove it, I'm not paying for them to shove more purchases down my throat and degrade the experience, forcing me to rollback updates. Gross.

  • Akino

    For the love of God, please remove this button.

    I'm not going to gift subs to people, I'm a broke college student. I already have Nitro for myself and stuff like this just makes me want to cancel.

    We don't need to be reminded that Nitro gifting is a thing, shoving it in my face and putting it where my muscle memory opens the send image selector is irritating and predatory. 

    On top of just being annoying that this button exists in the first place, phones are getting bigger by the year, and it's a big stretch to reach all the way to the left of the screen with your thumb to tap the image button now. And I have huge hands...

  • Gahone

    Who thought about this? Some greedy guy who's not interested in the messenger but only into money.

  • Doz

    It's absolutely ridiculous that this gift button is sitting where the media button used to be. The amount of times I accidentally tapped on the gift button because of muscle memory pisses me off. Atleast swap places of these buttons or remove the gift button as it is rarely used. Immediately accessible buttons should only be for most used features.

  • Christian

    Why is this still an issue? I thought it was already established that we don't buy Nitro as often as we share images!

    They need to rollback this update or at least make the button *toggleable*.


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