Apple Music Integration



  • Mogu

    i mean as far as i know spotify is giving discord quite a bit of money for that exclusivity
    with the music rooms and such
    it's likely a whole ass contract that equally benefits both discord and spotify
    and for the integration to work discord and apple would have to sign into a contract that probably violates the discord-spotify contract
    so in short i doubt that an apple music rpc addition will be coming any time soon if at all
    there are plenty of rpc mods you can use if you're on a pc tho :)
    for example if you're listening through a browser you can use this
    i believe there are some that work with the desktop app aswell but i'm too lazy to go browsing to try to find you a github link. unless of course you need one :p

  • Candido

    I also for this, but couldn’t find it.

    I doubt it exists. It would probably mean Apple having to renegotiate all the contracts with music publishers, to allow customers to use music for mixing, which I’m sure would cost extra.




    official site

  • henrylam

    *3 ,I wish apple could have just acquire Discord like they did to Beats 

  • Oberon

    Support 🍎

  • Spacey


  • Paski31ZX

    I concur. I'd like to have an Apple Music integration in Discord. I don't use Spotify at all...well, personally, since Apple Music's better due to lossless quality. This would be a plus so that all users are catered to.


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