Option to disable server boosts on my server



  • Vico

    I know a thing like this is very against the tendency of Discord, but that would be a very interesting option for my use case.

    See, i have a small server focused in friendship, where members should built trust to have a higher role. There's no place for Nitro boosting on there.

    I wouldn't be bothered for this feature if, once in a while, some newcomer joins the server and immediately boost the server, thinking that they could buy something that only time and dialog can get. The situation only gets worse when, even if i explicity say boosting doesnt means anything will change in the server dynamics, sometimes the booster member do "micro-whinning" about adding/changing server features that will just deviate the purpose of the guild.

    Straight banning/kicking them isnt an option, i fear that this would be a violation in Discord rules that can render my server deleted, and the simple "look down" the other members would do to me if i do that would make things even worse.

    So, a simply toggle to disable boosting entirely, in my case, would be crucial.


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