Allow DMs from anyone



  • Kriss

    I think this would create a message botting situation. I would not want this added.

    I can already see the ton of messages about online dating..

  • MrBorder

    Nah, It won't. It will be disabled by default and only be turned on by anyone who wants to do so.

    If you turn it on it because you chose to do it and anyone who would be willing to take the risk. it will not impac those who do not want to be messaged botted in any way, shape, or form.

  • R E G E X

    Imagine what a public figure's DMs would look like if this was turned on. 

  • MrBorder

    R E G E X
    As I said, it will be defaulted to false.

    Only people who choose to turn it on will be able to be DM'ed by anyone. A public figure doesn't need to turn it on unless they want to, if they do then I'm pretty sure they know what's coming their way.

  • cloudpie

    I don't understand why so many people are against adding this as an option. It would be part of the configurable privacy settings and off by default, so if you don't want to have it on you don't need to. I expect most people would have it turned off, but it would be nice for those who want it. It's nice to have more configurable options.

    Because most people wouldn't turn it on I doubt it'll get added, but oh well.

  • flarn2006

    I'd actually go even further. Anyone who doesn't care either way who can contact them would likely not pay attention to that setting, and hence leave it at the default setting no matter what it is. And if someone doesn't care either way, then there's no reason to prevent anyone from contacting them. So I think the default should actually be to enable it. Anyone who doesn't want to receive messages from random people could easily turn it off, after all.

  • solomonu

    Maybe it should be enabled by default if you have "Everyone" enabled in "WHO CAN ADD YOU AS A FRIEND"? I just got a friend request from someone with no friends or servers in common, and I don't recognize their name, but neither of us can send the other any explanation, which could then be verified using some other channel if needed.


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