Ability to switch between accounts without loosing the in-app settings



  • Kriss

    Discord is not made for a multi-account use. I wouldn't encourage discord to add this feature, as it would also encourage more users to create more discord accounts.

    Discord accounts should be unique, and users should just have one imho.

    What do you use discord for in your business, if i may ask?

  • GhostyBlak

    Hello Kriss,
    I use a "Professional" account that i've created to follow online class during the pandemic lockdown, which i also use to talk with my professors and classmates. My other account i use to play with friends, and manage my online business (i'm part of a French Squad team, so we have to talk about availabilities and planification all the time)

    Although i cannot disagree with the fact that i'd like the idea of ppl having only 1 account for obvious reasons (Like the ability to re-create an account after being blocked or banned...) I also know that there are benefits to being able to switch on the fly.


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