Allow users to change search engine provider



  • jig

    I'd love to see this as well

  • Poi

    Do it. 

  • nancy jane

    Hi there!

    I completely understand where you're coming from. It's frustrating when a platform or app only offers one option for something, especially when it's a feature as important as search. As a user, I also would like to have the option to choose my preferred search provider, such as Bing or DuckDuckGo, when using Discord. It would be great if Discord could offer more choices for search engines, giving users the ability to select a provider that aligns with their preferences for privacy, security, or other reasons. Additionally, having more options could potentially improve the overall search experience for users. I appreciate you bringing up this topic and advocating for more choices on Discord. Hopefully, the platform will consider implementing this feature in the future. Until then, we can continue to use our preferred search engine manually by navigating to their website. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and bringing attention to this important issue.

  • john caltin

    Currently, Discord only offers Google as the default search engine when searching for highlighted text. There is no built-in option to change the search engine to Bing, DuckDuckGo, or any other alternative search engine.

    One solution to this could be to use a browser extension that allows you to easily switch between different search engines. For example, you could install an extension like "Search With" or "Story Names" for your preferred web browser, which allows you to search for highlighted text with various search engines.

    Another option could be to copy the highlighted text and paste it into the search engine of your choice manually. This may be a bit more time-consuming, but it allows you to use any search engine you prefer.

    It is also worth noting that Discord is a constantly evolving platform, and they may add the option to change the default search engine in the future. If this is something you would like to see, you could suggest it to Discord through their support channels or community forums.

  • James Thomes

    Discord currently only supports Google as the default search engine when using the search feature. Users do not have the option to change this to other search engines like Bing or DuckDuckGo.

    If you would like to suggest this feature to Discord, you can reach out to their support team or submit a feature request through their service website. They may consider adding this option in future updates based on user feedback and demand.


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