Reply Feature : Default Ping Toggle Setting



  • AbyssReaper99

    Adding to this, it would be nice if it didn't reping (whether you initially had pinged or not in a reply) someone when you edit a reply message

  • Gnurro

    Getting replies from two-words-per-line people is incredibly annoying, and makes those 20 pings in a row completely uesless, as well.

  • Holy Doggo

    I concur, the reply feature is great and i like that it can ping people but it is a hassle to have to click it on and off everytime you reply to someone


  • KoopaTheQuicc

    I came here to ask for a setting where I can default it so that it's off unless I click to turn it on contrary to how it currently is. Or even just saving the last way you used it, but ultimately a setting in text settings would be ideal.


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