I got blocked from Discord's API for spamming reactions



  • 🎄Dr!pツ🎄

    When do I get unblocked I need to know

  • Katter

    For solutions to the problem, I read this article https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/209099387 and did what they told me to do. It helped.

  • Shitty_Gamer

    The thing is i just did this with 200CPS and i did not only caused this problem to me but also to other people that were on the chat. Discord needs to fix this somehow so people dont go around spamming reactions and crashing other people discord.

    Edit: the only i can currently use discord is using a vpn


  • balsa

    I had the same problem spammed reactions and got my api blocked with the same message. The thing I did was to uninstall discord from the system and in %appdata% and %localappdata%, log out then waited some time and installed it again.then log in from discord. Hope it works.

  • powertower229

    hey don't worry about it this just happened to me and it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to get your API unblocked just make sure not to spam emotes or anything like that


  • MTF Commander

    Woah, I am having the same issue. Now I am waiting to Discord staff to email me again.

  • Drip KFC

    same is happening to me rn im sad me and ma friend where joking around my server and the dc was not working so deleted it restarted my pc and this cames up too

  • Kuno

    i didn't do anything similar to what any of you said. i don't remember spamming reactions or sending too much messages at all. i wasn't even typing much beforehand, wasn't using discord for a bit but i come back to a temporary api ban. how long is this?

  • IorisQ

    Eu passei exatamente por isso, letrinha por letrinha kkkk, passei sufoco, felizmente voltou ao normal após 1h :D

  • XunknownX

    i was afk for like an hour came back from dinner same massage noice Discord....

    vpn saving my ass for the guild meeting but not nice chilling in discord over the webbrowser


  • Tempest

    Did anyone ever figure out how long the ban was? I've been experiencing a similar issue, except with removing reactions instead of adding them. I can't log in on any device without a VPN.

  • .qazwsx

    Same thing's happening to me

    How long does it take to get unbanned bc I cant do anything rn without a vpn

  • Tempest

    It should only take an hour.

  • NintariGenesis

    Same things happening to me, and it's been several hours. At least 4, I believe.

  • Santa

    they dont block you its temporarily 


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