Regional Pricing for Discord Nitro



  • meowmeow

    I hope this is the rough estimate in your country.

  • SKY

    Netflix Premium (UHD Plan)          US 15.99 (1,172Rs) / India 799Rs (10.9$)

    Youtube Preimum                          US  11.99$  (878Rs) / India 129Rs (1.76$) 

    Spotify                                            US  9.99$ (732Rs) / India 119Rs (1.62$)

    Amazon Prime Anual                     US  119$ (8722Rs) / India 999Rs (13.63$)

    Apple Music                                   US  9.99 (732Rs) / India 49Rs (0.67$)


    All $s mentioned are USD and Rs is INR some term known as regional pricing is set by companies so that its fair and "Reasonable" according to the location so why 

    Discord Nitro                                   US 9.99 (732Rs) / India 732Rs (9.99$)

    (why would I pay almost cost the of amazon prime yearly to discord monthy that's why I posted it here....)

  • tahakzr

    I am having the same problem. I really want to buy nitro, but this price is too much.


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