New roles list UI is hard to read (March 4th 2021)



  • E5127

    I agree with you. The only good thing about the new role list UI is that you can see a list of all the members that have a certain role. Oh wait, you can just go to the "Members" tab in Server Settings and use the filter-thingy to see it, so never mind that. Not to mention that some servers I work for still have the old UI, while my own server has the new UI, and I genuinely wish there was a way to change it back, because the new one just sucks.

  • Eduard

    Discord the new ui sucks please make it go back

  • Fyy

    No for server community it's simple, you can see the server members have 'that' roles without open user management (member), you can search the roles, search for permissions, and clear permissions without clicking on it one by one. Thanks to discord for making this update, My server still not changed for that new UI.

  • aragocz

    I have to agree with ya'll, the new UI is good, but everyone who was here for more than 2 months is used to the old UI, today they changed the reaction UI as well, please Discord, make a switch in settings that lets you disable this "Discord V2" as i like to call it, i've been using discord for 3 years almost every day, so it's really messy for user such as myself


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