Christmas bot for this year !



  • Sahil

    I'm Sahil and I approve of this message and ideas.

  • stevetheshark

    I'm Steve and I want the Christmas Bot ! 

  • I have a problem that the account is closed due to age less than 13 and I am naked 17 why?

  • LovinCoffee

    Yes This!

    I have recently messaged Discord asking the exact same thing, will there be a Christmas Bot 2020 like the halloween one.

    The Halloween one was a great success on our server and everyone wants a Christmas themed one, but apparently there are no plans as of yet, I am hoping by having this thread it may get considered and implemented.

    I like your ideas Randy, everyone enjoyed the competitiveness with collecting items and being crown Halloween Champion, so a similar thing where you collect gifts from elves, santa, snowmen etc, and compete for the title Christmas Champion would be great.

    The secret Santa is also a really good idea, but yes needs a bit of thought, maybe people need to opt-in also, otherwise might get spammed.

    But would love this to be implemented

  • WorthyEdits

    Brilliant idea to add a Christmas bot similar to the Halloween one! Hopefully they use this idea you have suggested ! The secret Santa part would be good too

  • Batnerd

    Love this idea. Definitely should be added.

  • BlackWhite32

    Cool idea! Hope it gets added

  • Natasha A. Romanoff



    Vote for a Christmas bot!!! Please!!!

  • Scopus 🦇

    Christmas Bot 2020!

  • Fluffy

    The halloween bot was amazing and we need to have a christmas one!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biznatz

    Yes Christmas bot please

  • Princess Bella

    yes please a Christmas Bot!!!! The Halloween one was a big hit, I would also love to somehow anonymously leave "gifts" for people under a Christmas tree in the server somehow, that would be super cool.!!

  • UltimateSimpp

    Please please a Christmas bot! I would love one so much please!

  • eartharoid

    There is already a bot that has the countdown feature - Christmas Countdown. :)


    Secret Santa is an interesting idea though...

  • Ruggstickles

    Yesssss my discord channel want the same!

  • EdTheDuck

    Yes, xmas bot!

  • kodachitsu

    hello! I really love this idea. And I'll be great to have one for this Christmas.
    If you need help, here I am.

  • HyperG

    Yes I agree. Especially now with covid were people have to quarantine, fun little things like this brings joy.
    I have never seen my discord pop so hard since i had that trick or treat bot. People really loved it. Especially because it was pretty wholesome, not really that competitive since you could not bully other by killing them etc. Just the fastest gets it. 

    Make it happen Discord, we approve!!!

  • v00d

    I agree with all of the OP idea's.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    I agree

  • The_Quierdest

    instead of h!treat and h!trick it could be c!coal and c!candy, or like c!carol or something. I also love the secret santa idea

  • Isi8Bit

    Yes please do it! we really need this on my discord! We really enjoyed the Halloween bot!

  • Love this idea!! Please make my christmas wish come true (puppy eyes) 😂

  • mummy.fizzy

    Yes! Not even 10 minutes ago one of my admins and several members asked if there was gonna be a Christmas bot like the Halloween one. I did an event with the Halloween bot and everyone got super competitive it was super fun. Please implement this!

  • Collin

    Great idea, my server loved the Halloween bot and I was looking around to see if they have done a Christmas 1 which is how I found this thread. It must happen. It needs to happen

  • saulleija997

    It would be great, I feel like my server got a really good interaction with the Halloween bot and they are asking me if we will get a christmas one, so I'd really like to see a Christmas bot

  • Ker

    Hey guys, I kinda made a bot that would cover this. It's pretty simple to use plus it's very cute and will add that Christmas cheer on your servers.
    If you want to invite him or try him out you can click here

  • pineappeldots

    I agree with this too we need a Christmas bot.

  • Cutlet Alt

    I approve of this. Literally the best idea. Would love to have this bot



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