Mac has no sound in screenshare



  • Walker

    It's because Mac computers don't have an internal mic. If you were try to record your screen with another application, for example, that wouldn't be able to get sound either without the installation of such a mic, so this isn't Discord's fault. The problem with that solution being applied to Discord is that you can only use it by setting it as your input source, which would make it so that people don't hear you, just the screenshare.

  • bavari

    Sorry but I'm working on a Mac with Teams and I can share my screen with sound in that app. So it must be discord's fault.


  • triplethreat

    Walker ...thats not how that works....

  • Pyroll

    I have the same trouble,

    sharing games, VLC, or Internet webpages,... no idea how to fix it...

  • tempt's

    I don't know how to fix it either. I've been trying to stream movies and games but no one can hear the sound.

  • SunSparc

    +1 Looks like this thread is similar to another: 


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