[Feature Request] Allow date and time format customizations



  • OtterSou

    I think the best solution is to use the format supplied by whatever system Discord is running on. I have always found it weird that Discord's date/time format isn't tied to OS locale settings, and it shouldn't be hard to do so.

  • Liggliluff

    Instead of forcing the user to select between English (US) and English (UK) and then having to modify the date and time format afterwards. It's much better for Discord to implement a language select you find on phones, like Android. So you first select English, and then you select country. Which countries will be available is fetched from CLDR, so Discord will have the same options as Android; so an introduction of Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand.

    I have put together a suggestion myself, covering just this. So instead of trying to add a bodge to get around the limited number of locales available. Just add the other locales instead:


  • ansel

    I'm weird but I use yy.mm.dd and 24-hour time for everything when possible. I'm American but I've got my language set to UK English as it's the only way to turn on 24-hour time — more flexibility here would be nice.

  • FarFutureFox

    Discord should just follow the system’s date and time format. Speaking as a UX designer.

  • Shadowthorn

    Lots of the suggestions are good, but I think you would make 99% of users happy if it just respected the system date/time format.

    It isn't rocket magic.


  • philihp

    This is similar to the request https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360039940571-Customisable-Date-and-Time, don't expect any response from ! i m CaT(

  • Sned

    BUMP - How has this not been addressed yet? This is basic human communication / comprehension stuff. It's just as important as a language. We shouldn't have to struggle to read a date - we should be able to have it in the format our brain has been trained to read through our entire lifetime. More than slightly disappointed to find SO many threads on this and still there's no way to fix this basic human language requirement?

  • DoctorDothraki

    Completely agree. People talked about this issue for 5 years and nothing happened. It can't be anything Discord devs can't figure out

  • velvetkissqs

    i'm not having the same issue but the topic is related, i changed my phone time, and discord didn't update so now its always one hour ahead of the actual current time

  • Soaku

    dd.mm.yyyy seems more common than mm/dd/yyyy, it's better to use a different separator for those two

  • burner

    Yes that is currently quite anoying that it does not follow system format. For me this looks like UX designer had been incompetent. 

  • FarFutureFox

    Without wanting to sound rude, judging by the rest of the app design, I doubt a true UX designer was or is used. I think a UI designer is involved, only. There's a difference! Either that or he/she has trouble getting the needed changes implemented.


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